Meet Davina San

Some like to refer to Millennials and Gen Z-ers as “snowflakes,” inferring their life is more sheltered or protected than previous generations. Such youth may indeed exist, but I’ve not met many of them during my time at Palm Beach Atlantic University—and certainly not in Davina San.

Davina is one of six children from a Cambodian-American family, and a person who exudes nearly boundless energy. At the age of 15, she was keeping the books for her father’s family-owned business. By the time she was a high school senior, she ran a successful business of her own, which made for a natural transition into the B-school at PBA. When in West Palm Beach, she often carries two jobs while carrying a full load and the other demands of collegiate life. She’s a great student, exceptional person, and a natural in front of the camera.

That’s why I was delighted that she agreed to partner with me on the video Q&A content of The Disquieted Soul. I was also privileged to have the recent opportunity to get her perspective on the unique challenges facing her generation. I think she brings a lot of insight to the discussion, and it should give us pause about how we are understanding and mentoring the generations coming behind us.

To see the set of videos Davina and I did for The Disquieted Soul, visit here.

Davina hosting the Q&A of  The Disquieted Soul

Davina hosting the Q&A of The Disquieted Soul