I once had a friend call me one of those “tortured souls.” By that he meant I was clearly prone to over-analyze, over-worry, over-perform, and over-do. I was restless, impatient, discontented, and anxious. I was driven to perfectionistic extremes and addictive tendencies. Internal turbulence, disorder, and even recklessness were regular companions. Peace, stability, and harmony were not. My friend could as easily have called me one of those “disquieted souls.” And the more I lived, the more I observed that I was not alone.

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You may also fit the pattern of a disquieted soul. You may be running as fast as you can on the treadmill of life, trying to escape your own unhappiness. You may constantly hear a voice inside telling you that whatever you do isn’t good enough. You may have trained yourself to believe that restless discontent is just part of your DNA. You may seem to thrive on stress and busyness—perhaps associating them with success and self-importance.

If you resonate with this portrait, I’ve written this book for both of us. It is organized into two parts, as shown, forming the shape of a “V.” The first six chapters of discovery take us downward, diagnosing the pathology and root of our souls’ disquiet. The final six chapters of deliverance take us upward, identifying a path toward recovery and healing.



We can do better than incessant disquiet. We can know more balance and tranquility, even in the midst of life’s demands. We can trace through life’s high and low tides, while remaining increasingly stable in their midst. We can increasingly live within the disharmony of life without being enslaved to that disharmony.

Through the process of discovery and deliverance, we can learn—and relearn—to quiet our souls.


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LANE COHEE was educated at the United States Air Force Academy, University of Redlands, University of Colorado, and Rollins College where he received his Doctorate in Business Administration. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Management at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Prior to joining PBA, Lane spent 30 years in the defense and aerospace sector, most recently serving as an executive business leader at Harris Corporation.

Lane has been an active member in congregations within the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) since 1987. During that period, he taught over 50 courses in the areas of leadership, parenting, theology, apologetics, church history, and financial management. 

Lane and Cheryl were married in 1987 and currently reside in West Palm Beach Florida. They have three adult sons: Chase, Cale, and Chane.